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Network Design & Installation

Organizations today cannot compete effectively without a robust IT network infrastructure.

Cyberdyme prides itself on supplying professional IT network infrastructure solutions to small to medium sized organizations, working alongside the customer to ensure that day to day activities are able to continue as far as possible.

Our solutions include structured cablingunified communicationsnetwork design and network security plus IP QOS.  We offer services ranging from network auditing, specification and implementation, through network support and maintenance.

Our purpose built network staging room meets the needs of the many organizations asking for this to be performed off-site - advantages of which include: avoiding disruption to a company's network through isolation of new products prior to integration into the live system, and allowing clients' IT staff to continue with their day to day work while testing takes place.

We have extensive experience with network infrastructure solutions and are able to leverage this knowledge in every project to ensure that we are delivering the most appropriate solutions for your business.