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Citrix Xen Server Solutions

XenServer is the enterprise-ready, cloud-proven virtualization platform that contains all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. It is trusted by demanding organizations to run the most mission critical applications and used by the largest clouds.


With Xenserver virtualization, Cyberdyme can help your organization:

  • Cut  costs.  By reducing the number of physical servers required in the data centre, organizations are able to save on their power and cooling costs.
  • Increase IT agility and efficiency.  Customers can easily adapt to changing data centre and computing needs by dynamically flexing capacity, optimizing VM placement, and automating repetitive management tasks.
  • Improve performance and user productivity.  By enabling 'zero downtime' maintenance, automatically recovering from hardware failure, and providing failover capabilities in disaster situations, end users are ensured access to mission critical application in all scenarios.