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Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Server Consolidation and Virtualization


Cyberdyme offers our business partners opportunities to reduce cost and streamline their server operations by engaging a variety of consolidation and virtualization solutions projects.

Cyberdyme’s assessment process is as follows

Assessing Performance

Decommissioning Hardware

Migrating to a Virtual Infrastructure

Considering Cloud-based Services

Reaping the Rewards


Notes for Mid-sized Businesses

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of moving to a virtual infrastructure, whether you’re at the low end of mid-sized or close to the high end, virtualization has something to offer you. Consolidation and virtualization can take that overfilled server room and turn it into an efficient workspace for your commercial and internal applications. It means business agility for you so that you can respond to changing customer needs and to a business climate that is always in flux. Virtualization means that your business is also more mobile than ever before.

Should you decide to move to a cloud-based infrastructure and away from self-hosted applications, you can move your virtual machines to a cloud provider without losing any productivity or business continuity. You’re no longer tied to a single location or to a single data center. Your consolidation and virtualization efforts pay off in many ways: mobility, agility, scalability and frugality.